About Bake and Cake

Welcome to my healthy Bake and Cake Blog,

In this blog you will find everything about easy and healthy baking and cooking. 

 My main aim is to show you how to bake and cake with healthier and free from ingredients.
Here you will also find many useful information about foods and their properties and health benefits.

 I have only discovered  the pleasures of baking delicious cakes in the recent years but I always have been  passionate about food and  started cooking in my early teenager life.

This blog will give you a good insight on what foods to include and what to avoid in a healthy diet. Even if you new to baking or cooking, all the recipes listed here are fairly easy to do and I can ensure you that you will enjoy the delicious new tastes as the end result.

Please note that while most recipes are suitable for vegetarian/vegan and for people with food allergies, some of the cake recipes are kept original for those who have got no food intolerance or allergies, there for they can eat anything.

Thanks for taking the time to  read my blog and wishing you success with your cooking and baking adventures.

Please follow for weekly, new recipes.